Jack is back! But nothing’s become clearer!

Just when you thought that Sam and Dean would have a hard time finding the copy of second half of the Nephilim tracking spell that Bart offered them in our last episode, we were given a totally different scenario to ‘finding Jack!’ Jack simply shows up, ultimately to prove to himself that he can do a good deed to impress his family, Sam and Dean, by finding their mother, Mary, who is held prisoner in the alternate universe by Alt-Michael! I guess this means Jack, like God, simply can’t be tracked if he doesn’t want to be!

Anyway, Jack has been making his way across the states to find people who are dream walkers: folks who can leave their bodies and go to other places in the spiritual realm. The first one he meets is an art dealer, Derek, whom Jack uses a wad of money to convince to dream walk and get close to Mary. He mind melds with the artist, but they can’t quite reach Mary because Derek isn’t strong enough. We leave with Derek screaming a ‘death curdling’ scream…so we don’t know what happens to him. (We all think Jack may have gone too far!)

We also reconnect with Patience, Missouri’s granddaughter, who has inherited the ‘gift’ of foresight and psychic clairvoyance. Patience keeps seeing visions of sheriff Jodi Mills dying, though she has told her father that her visions have stopped. Meanwhile, Sam and Dean, desperate to find Jack, investigate the murder of Derek, who is discovered with his eyes burned out. Dean is calling Patience to see if she can use her gift to help them locate Jack. Patience, moved by all of it, decides to go help her friends, especially Jodi! (Her father, who wants no part of this monster hunting, psychic lifestyle, uses the oft repeated line in this series, “If you walk out that door, don’t come back!”) When our duo arrives at the crime scene, they learn that Derek was a dream walker, and that many of his paintings came from his visits to places, including the alt-universe! They also learn from Derek’s girlfriend that Jack paid him a visit shortly before his untimely death.

Jack needs to find a stronger ‘walker” and does so by locating through Derek, a rebellious girl named Kia. He easily locates her and breaks her out of the court-appointed group counseling home that she was a part of, while Sam and Dean track Kia to this location as well. They actually run into each other as Jack is helping Kia escape. Kia gets away, only to be kidnapped by angels, whom we learn later, were the evil S-O-B’S that killed Derek trying to get information about Jack! The angels are determined to get Jack to help them replenish their depleted numbers, and are willing to kill to get the Nephilim on their side…

Kia is used as bait to draw Sam, Dean and Jack, who hears angel communication to help our heroes find her! They use a warding symbol to buy time against a hoard of angels descending upon them once they find Kia. Jack, who seems to be able to focus his powers a lot better, saves the day! He mind melds with Kia, who usually goes to “The Bad Place” when she dream walks. But Jack shows her better spots, I guess, and convinces her to mind meld with him to get closer to Mary, all while angels are breathing down their necks. Jack easily disposes of the final two angels, only after the screams of Kia turn the rest of the hoard into burn marks on the walls! (What was THAT about?)

Meanwhile, Patience shows up at Jodi’s house and tells her of her eminent danger. And by the time the big fire explosion is done, Kia is unconscious in a wooded area, while Sam and Dean seem to be in another part of the same area. I’m guessing this is “The Bad Place,” because our heroes are down inside a footprint that belongs to something as big as Godzilla! Jack meanwhile, is at the feet of Mary, who is suspended in a cage. Apparently, the same cage Michael had Lucifer trapped in!



Team Sam and Dean may have increased by one. Kia is apparently a powerful dream-walker, but then again, everybody is better with Jack’s power surging through them!

I don’t recall ever seeing Sam and Dean so honest. (Age will do that to you, I guess!) They are quick to tell everyone what the truth is, even if it’s awkward. They tell Jack they thought HE might have killed Derek, to which Jack is appalled! They beg Kia for her help finding their mother, to which she agrees after Dean draws a gun on her! (Dean is a grumpy old man!) Dean immediately says he should have had more faith, like Sam, in believing his mother was alive in the alt-universe. Dean even tells Jack he did really good work in finding Kia and helping the cause…(and admits he likes Jack.)

But where in heaven’s name are they? Not purgatory again! Are they on Godzilla’s island? That footprint is REALLY BIG! Is Jack savvy enough to hold off alt-Michael and his angels while he saves Mary, or will Michael use some of Jack’s grace to make the jump and begin using present earth as his own playground?

Who’s better, Angels or Demons? Don’t notice much difference between them lately. Angels actually have become first class DICKS!

What’s the next traumatic event could tip Jack either direction?

What danger is lying in wait for Jodi and why is Patience seeing it in visions?

I’m not guessing much anymore. As soon as I do, they throw me a curve ball. Look at all the stuff going on SIMULTANEOUSLY! Asmodeus has Lucifer and Cas as prisoners in hell. Crazy Ketch has sold himself to the last remaining prince of hell after coming back to life thanks to a Rowena spell! (Sam and Dean are unaware.) Mary is a prisoner in an alt-universe, where Michael is an angry psychopathic servant of God who wants to come and rule present earth. Sam, Dean and Kia have been blown into an alt universe with Godzilla lurking about! Patience is trying to protect Jodi, FROM WHAT? Jack certainly has the power to do anything. Right now, he’s looking up at Mary in a cage. Is Bart dead? Is Luther dead? Is Rowena dead? Is Crowley gone forever?

A lot to digest over the next month or so before we continue with this 13th and crazy season! What do you think friends? Let me know in the comments below!


Eric “Yankernatural” Clemons

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Sorry folks, some travel and other personal stuff didn’t allow me to really delve into this episode until days after it had aired. You already know the plot, so I will spare any recap and cut right to the chase:

THE DOOR SEEMS TO BE OPEN FOR A ‘POSSIBLE’ RETURN OF CROWLEY!  Bart was dressed in a similar style, and had a similar body type, even a similar sharp wit and ruthlessness! He wasn’t British, but he was proper! Speaking for myself, I JUST DIDN’T LIKE HIM! Perhaps the writers didn’t want us to, but I remember liking something about sneaky little Crowley! No worries about Bart (THE crossroads demon) replacing our Fergus McCloud! Bart burned up real good!


Smash or “Alice,” the name Bart called her shortly before his demise, certainly had a chemistry with Dean. Not romantic, but a little sister type thing. Their chemistry was similar to that which he shared with our dearly departed Charlie! By the end, it was apparent that there was deep sibling love between those two. I sensed the same thing with Alice! Dean went out of his way to say stuff to her that only a big brother would say! Like, “Hey! The 90’s called. They want their shoes back!” Dean is nearly 40! I don’t think we’ve seen the last of our safe-cracker, now freed from her ties to Bart…cuz he burned up real good! They even put her on a bus, just like with Charlie!


Hey! I thought he was immortal while he was on the property! Bart may have cut off his head, but did he eventually grab it and put it back on? Luther was still on his property, right? He was immortal as long as he was on the property, right? Did I miss something obvious? (It’s happened before)


He’s been great this season: Snarky and cynical, with the voice even more gravel-like than ever before. He always sounds like he’s got a hangover and just doesn’t have the time for anything or anyone! (That’s probably true!) His character flip when he has to stick his hand inside the gargoyle’s mouth is reminiscent of his “Ghost Sickness” episode!  He also has a mix of Indiana Jones in his swag and that,  “I’m gonna do this, no matter what” demeanor. At least by the end of the episode, he talks about winning and saving someone, and being good with that. There’s our boy coming back to life. I do like the Grumpy Old Man though!


A good light-hearted episode with no real stress, finally. Outside of Dean’s hard time being the key needed to open the safe room! But back to the knitty gritty! How will they find Jack? They only have half of that summoning spell because the other page burned up with Bart! (You’d figure he made a copy! In fact, he admitted such to our boys!) Jack is a big trump card in this coming war with Michael? Just how powerful is he? As powerful as Chuck and Amara? Time will tell. What will Asmodeus do with Cas and Lucifer? Will he try to send word to Sam and Dean of their torture to draw them out? How might Lucifer get his full strength back? I’d say a return to the alt-universe is eminent! Well, they’ve gotta go back and get Mary, once they learn she’s alive…Finding Bart’s copy of the 2nd half of the spell and getting that plan in motion is the best bet. Can’t wait to see what they do in this week’s mid-season finale’. I’ll have a more timely review then. What do you fans think? Let me know in the comments. Until then.



Eric YankerNatural Clemons

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TIME TO PICK A SIDE (Reviewing, “War of the Worlds”)

I guess the men and women who make Supernatural the magical show that it is, have kicked it into high gear. This episode moved with lightening speed from one story line to the next, and even introduced us to a “Bizarro” version of some characters we’ve come to know and love, hate and fear!

We begin with alt-Michael reading the thoughts of Lucifer, who is now his prisoner. Here you get an idea (with those shots of our galaxy, etc.), of Lucifer’s love and narcissism and how it affected his relationship with his father. Like many of our own offspring, he has figured out why he could and would have done it all better than God/Chuck! We come back to find that powerful and evil Michael through reading the mind of Lucifer, has seen and fallen in love with ‘our version’ of an alternate universe! He feels that what God created is ‘beautiful’ and that he wants to rule it! So Michael needs to torture Lucifer a bit to get all the information he can, and ultimately, get some grace from this version of the arc-angel to complete a spell that will open another tear between worlds, courtesy of meth-head acting Kevin Tran! Yes! Alive and well and still a prophet of the Lord in this alternate universe.

Simultaneously, Asmodeus supposedly created by Lucifer, (appears almost equally powerful) certainly seems more willing to exhibit everything in his arsenal to get to his goal: Finding Jack! Our “Colonel Sanders” as Dean called him, tries his old Jedi mind meld trick to find our Nephilim, but it appears that after he rendered his mentors defenseless to escape the MOL bunker at the end of the previous episode, Jack has cloaked himself so that ‘nobody’ can zero in on where he is: not his biological father, his Godfather Cas, or Asmodeus can hone in on his powerful beacon. That doesn’t stop Asmodeus from torturing and killing the hotel clerk that housed Sam, Dean and Jack back in episode 1.

As we wrap these factors around our brains, the boys, who are powerless, dig up a case of torture-murders. Our ‘unsub’ is targeting witches trying to find the locations of a special witch (albeit a dead one?) named Rowena McCloud. When Sam and Dean blow up a video shot of a suspect, he looks a lot like Ketch (Now, he’s got a beard.),  the psychopathic, obsessed- with-Mary Winchester- killing machine that almost took our heroes out last season. Sam and Dean get help from a witch who had gotten away from Ketch’s clutches and catch the killer who is coming back to finish the job. They take their prisoner back to the MOL bunker, and question this guy, who looks and sounds like Ketch, but claims to be Arthur’s twin brother, Alexander! But how could it be Ketch? We saw him get shot in the head and killed by Mary! This, my friends is SUPERNATURAL, where people die and come back more times than perennial flowers we plant in our yards!  Honestly, he almost had me believing the ‘evil twin’ thing, but Dean didn’t buy it for a single second.

Rocket back to alt-universe, where Michael slits Lucifer’s throat to borrow some grace (from an arc-angel) needed to complete the spell Kevin has never attempted. Voila! It works! The tear is in the air, but Lucifer gets away and jumps through, back to present-day earth. Apparently, the spell works for only 1 entity at a time…and to get it to work again, it appears Michael will have to use his own arc-angel juice, (because there are none left in his world.) Lucifer finds out over several funny moments, which Mark Peligrino delivers fabulously, that he doesn’t have the same ‘juice’ any more here on earth. He can make those eyes glow red, but that’s about it! Cas meanwhile, wants to know if heaven has Jack or if the angels have any information. The angels want Cas to help them corral Jack for their team. Cas refuses, prompting the angels (who are near extinction and need Jack to create more of them) to go into ‘kill mode’ and the devil saves Cas by flashing at the angels, who flea in fear. Now, Lucifer is weakened and somewhat shocked, because he certainly killed Cas when he last saw him, but now, he needs to recruit Cas to try to link up with his son.

The exchanges between Misha Collins and Mark Peligrino are of classic stuff, especially the way Lucifer accepts no responsibility for any of his actions, bangs his head on the table at the thought of including the Winchesters on the hunt for Jack, and is totally unimpressed with the name of his son! He also takes Cas’ cell phone when he makes a call to Dean. Dean senses something is wrong, and Sam uses GPS to track Cas’ cell phone to the bar. I wish Cas would have beaten Lucifer down, just a little, but I’m not sure if he could. He did approach Luci with the blade in the playground and the devil said, “Hey! Woa Cowboy! I’m weak, but not that weak!” Just how strong is he? Asmodeus has sensed his presence and goes to find Lucifer, but the smile on his face when he sensed the devil indicates that he might have the upper hand. Surely, Asmodeus shows up and is ordered to ‘Stand down’ by his boss! (A total bluff which Asmodeus calls!) He wants to take Lucifer and Cas, with him back to the hell he is now perfectly content to run! Asmodeus flings Luci and Cas into and over the bar like a couple of small pebbles.

By the time Sam and Dean arrive, they’re met by demons, and fight for their lives, only to have their asses saved by Ketch, who admits he got out of his chains at the MOL bunker, stole a motor cycle out of the garage and joined them. And YES, he’s THAT Ketch, brought back to life by a spell he traded with Rowena in exchange for sparing her life!  Dean is gonna end him, but he uses a smoke screen to get away. We end with Lucifer and Cas prisoners in Asmodeus’ “Make Hell Great Again.” Ketch has sided with this last Prince in the hunt for Jack, and in his personal case, Mary! Sam and Dean are alone, apparently with NO TEAM.

So here we are:

Team Sam and Dean: Lucifer! He wants to find Jack and needs Cas’ help to do so. He also knows he stands no chance against alt-Michael! If Cas is on his team, he has to take Sam and Dean and he’s not strong enough to end them with a snap of his finger. Cas. He promised to protect Jack! It’s about a sense of duty. Mary: She’s a prisoner in the alt universe!  Billie: Death let Dean come back because, “There’s some work to do.” Jodi Mills: She can help with info gathering on the ground.

Team Asmodeus: Ketch: Obsessed with Mary and the knowledge that Sam and Dean want him dead for good, he is siding with the obvious front runner! Demons: At the command of the new Prince! (But Lucifer referred to him as ‘runt of the litter,’ as if he was the weakest of the four Prince’s of Hell. What’s that about? He seems pretty bad ass to me!)

Team Alt-Michael: Kevin Tran. He knows the spell to open the tear back to our earth, but if Michael has to use his own grace, he won’t be as powerful either. He won’t be able to rule here without recruiting…Right???

WILDCARD: Jack: The Nephilim with limitless power and potential.  But where is he hiding? Did he go to the empty? Will he set things right not with this world, but the alternate universe? How will he be influenced if Lucifer, or Asmodeus finds him first? How will Sam and Dean learn that alt-Michael is coming for their world?

BIG FINISH: Have GOD and AMARA intervened and taken Jack? Hmmmmmm!

What say you?

Eric YankerNatural Clemons

(Photos The CW and “Supernatural” All rights reserved)



Once again, Supernatural starts us off making us think we might be taking a little “mindless” break from the major story line, but I guess they couldn’t really. We last left our heroes as they pull up in an ally and see Cas, trench coat and all, standing next to America’s last phone booth after being released from “The Empty.” This episode, we begin seeing Dean and an unidentified law enforcement officer searching a grave yard. The monster eventually grabs the officer from under ground and pulls him into a hole.

Then, we immediately flash backwards a few days. Sam and Dean are picking up where we left off with them, pulling up on Cas in that ally. They both are shocked because they saw him die AND they burned his body! Not only that, but Cas remembers “The Empty.” Of course, hugs and greetings were exchanged, and I was absolutely shocked, (maybe to the point of not believing it) that our heroes quickly figured out that Jack might have brought Cas back. Heck, we even learned that GOD himself has no power in “The Empty” when it was suggested he brought our favorite angel back again. How would Cas or anyone else for that matter, know that one? That was a fast conclusion, written by Dave Perez, I am guessing, to propel our story ever forward. So Jack, a Nephilim, is at least in some ways, more powerful than GOD!

Sam and Dean take Cas to see his “Godson” at the bunker! Jack is overcome by emotion and relief, but doesn’t know how he mustered the juice to bring Cas back from “The Empty.” Trying desperately to find his place, Jack is practicing moving pencils with his mind, and doing “all kinds of things with the force.” He also is researching cases, and while the one he finds might likely be a simple grave robbery, everyone reluctantly plays along, except Dean, who seems to have done a complete ‘about-face’ and now enthusiastically agrees that the group should go to Dodge City, Kansas to check it out. Those Dean-like ‘funny” and “goofy” moments were quite prevalent from here on in: From his excitement about the motel room with all the cowboy memorabilia, to being awakened from a sound sleep by Jack and drawing his gun. There were several “laugh out loud” moments from these, at times, “4-stooges.”

In case we had forgotten Cas’ dead-pan moments, none was better than his wearing the straw cowboy hat in the car, and Dean instructing him to “Act like Tombstone.” Cas later monotones the ‘Doc Holiday’ line, “I’m your huckleberry!”

Dean and Cas pair off to dig up some info, as do Sam and Jack, the latter of whom awkwardly does his best “FBI” agent impressions, even though he doesn’t look a day over 18! Eventually, our crew discovers the culprit is indeed a monster, but not just any monster. This is a ghoul! A cowboy ghoul at that, named Dave Mather, a well-known old west gun slinger!

He is snatching police and robbing banks, all to keep up with natural hunger, and his love, Athena, who is planning on moving to attend a make-up artist school in LA. This brings out the creepy, possessive side of our creep and he goes to rob a bank to get some money to cover this relocation.  Our heroes confront Dave as he is escaping with the money, and ever-eager Jack steps out front to bring an end to this bad guy. He blasts his firey energy and ends up hurling the security guard who had stepped outside to apprehend Dave against a pole so hard that it kills him! Even Cas can’t heal his wounds! Dave meanwhile, escapes.

At this moment, a playful episode suddenly turns our emotions to sad and serious! This has happened many times during our favorite show, but rarely have I seen it happen so abruptly, maybe that’s why I was left a little down after all was said and done. Jack has inadvertently hurt another person: Killed him in fact! He is the equivalent of a young high school boy regarding his emotional development, but can’t be consoled by anyone regarding his mistake! Jack is an emotional mess, feeling his whole world is collapsing around him and he is at the center of creating a legacy of evil deeds.

Meanwhile, Dean and the Sergeant who we saw as this episode begins, decide to hunt down fugitive, ghoul Dave together. They end our bad guy with Dean moving right, as the prone and banged up sergeant blows Dave’s head clean off with a shot gun. (He had promised not to take this guy alive because Dave had earlier killed his colleague on a routine traffic stop.)

Let’s get back to Jack, who is angered by the guys’ later attempts to ‘cheer him up.’ Even Dean, who once predicted this ‘abomination’ was born for stuff just like this is trying to calm and comfort Jack! He is irritable, inconsolable, and then, he gets angry! Sam backs away in fear. Jack knows Sam’s fear, and it only makes matters worse. Jack decides he’s got to leave the bunker and his friends before he hurts them, so he gives them a gentle blast and disappears. Wow!

I have a few questions after this one, and I hope the expansion of this season’s story line clears them up as we move on, which I am sure it will. I get we are receiving some ‘new rules’ this season. Like: First reaper (Billie) to die after Death assumes Death’s role. God-No power in “The Empty,” Jack, big juice there! But here on Earth, Jack can’t control his powers, but he gives his friends a ‘gentler???’ blast in order not to kill them before he escapes? Why did he make no effort to use his vast power to heal the security guard or bring him back? He felt horrible, so his emotions were in the right place. (He seems to only be able to do stuff (good or bad) when in a highly emotional state.) Why would he leave the one he missed and trusted so much, his Godfather Cas? Finally, where in heaven’s name is he going? I keep hearing Star Wars characters. Now, Darth Vader is saying in that deep voice, “Eric, neither you nor Jack knows the power of the dark side.” I’m afraid we’re gonna find out soon.

(All photos property of the CW and Supernatural: All rights reserved.)

Stay Tuned!

Eric ‘YankerNatural’ Clemons


WITH GREAT RESPONSIBILITY COMES…( A Review of “Advanced Thanatology”)

Once again, Supernatural followed a ‘Monster of the Week’ pattern, all because it was a means to an end…and what an end! We began this week right with the “Then” and “Now” clips as usual. I wondered why we were seeing so many of Dean’s various deaths, and the killings of “Death” and reaper Billie, wondering if we were going to see one of them as a cliffhanger in the episode. Turns out we saw both!  The “monster of the week’ portion begins with what we’ve witnessed many times: a couple of kids with a camcorder who dare to enter an abandoned area where a demented ghost, (this time, Dr Avery Meadows) operated on tortured patients with a power drill! He also had an attachment to these creepy bird-like masks, (Plague Masks) one of which is placed in the kids’ back pack. (We knew that couldn’t be good!) Anyway, the good Dr. made his appearance and kills one of the boys with a drill to the head before he can escape. Our survivor, Shaun gets away, but not without major psychological trauma!

Anyway, Sam and Dean get wind of this one, and Sam is overkill in the nice department to his big brother, offering him beer with his breakfast, and when they arrive in Grand Junction, Colorado, offering to accompany Dean to a strip club (Which isn’t Sam’s thing at all!) We learn it’s all because Sam is trying to help Dean have a more positive outlook. Dean insists he’ll dig himself out of his funk. He just “needs a win!” Of course, plenty of booze will be a big help! These were those goofy moments that make this show so special.

Dean and Sam meanwhile go to the home of Shaun, who is eventually attacked and kidnapped by the doc ghost!  We later learn that this ghost has to be attached to something, because when authorities found out what he was doing to patients, he was tried, executed and cremated back in the day! I personally love the way that ghost-fighting has been rendered routine by our veteran heroes. Sam and Dean go to the house looking for Shaun, and easily dispatch of Dr. Meadows by burning the masks…but way too much time remains in the episode!

Our boys are still breathing cold air, and apparently, the ghost patients are restless because the doctor has ‘left the building.’ We learn that the ghosts aren’t powerful enough to break the vale, but are doing loads of property damage! (Same way Dr Meadows blew away the salt ring I guess.) Dean then gets the brilliant (NOT) idea to kill himself temporarily, as in previous episodes, to get to the vale and find out where the bodies of these poor souls are so they can move on! He takes his personal death kit and proceeds to stab himself in the heart with the medical mix. Boom! Dean is dead. AGAIN! This is where the brilliance comes for me!

He is in the vale, but the only person who talks to him is a reaper named Jessica who is trying to get the lobotomized ghosts on the train to the next plane! She recognizes Dean, and goes to a big charcoal grey filing chamber to announce, “Dean Winchester is in the vale!” but, while there,  no one talks to him, except Shaun, who remembers him from their talk at his house. Dean assures him that everything will be fine, but Shaun can’t return home since he is indeed dead, after being possessed by Dr Meadows and forced to give himself a head-drilling!

Sam meanwhile gives Dean the heart re-start mix, but it isn’t working. Then, vale-Dean hears a familiar voice! It’s Billie, back from the dead? We all know what she told Dean she would do with him the next time he died. She would throw him deep into the empty! But damn! We just saw Cass escape that! We can’t have Dean go right back to it, can we?

So basically, Billie WAS dead: Killed by Cass, but we learn she was the first reaper to die after Dean murdered “Death,” so she assumed Death’s duties, white horseman ring and all! Billie wants to know one thing. How is Dean slipping between worlds into an alternate universe? Dean offers a deal, the release of all the ghosts in the Meadows’ house in exchange for the secret, which Billie-Death seems to be out of the loop on.  Billie agrees, and Dean admits Jack’s birth caused the rip and passage into both worlds. Billie says all this is delicate stuff, and she can’t have a “big, dumb, Winchester” going in and knocking it all down! That’s why she had to know.

We learn here that as usual, Dean feels that he has let everyone down. He is carrying way too much of the burden to save everybody! He couldn’t save his mom, Cass, or even the kid Shaun in this monster hunt. He thinks he’s even holding Sam back. Billie couldn’t really care less, but she has a bigger job now, and realizes there are protocols in place that make her have to put her intense dislike of the Winchesters aside because they, “have work to do.” So instead of throwing Dean deeper into the empty, as she promised, Billie explains all the books on her shelf that have Dean dying in a number of different ways, “But not today!” Dean is thrown back into his body with no apparent brain damage after several minutes of ‘being dead!’ He awakes just as he’s asking the question about the fate of his mom. DAMN!

(A side note here! I find Billie deliciously sexy, curvy and smart. She’s the perfect death for me!) Back to the show now! Dean confesses to Sam that he’s still not cool with all of this failure: and for what grand purpose? He tells Sam about seeing Death and the message that they have ‘work to do.’ Sam and Dean drive towards home, when Dean gets a phone call. The look on his face says it all. IT’S GOTTA BE CASS!” We see the Impala pull into an ally, and low and behold, our favorite human sympathizing angel is there, standing next to a phone booth. (They still make those?)  Cass turns around and is back again! Back from the Empty!

My questions: How much has Cass changed, if at all? What was Death talking about when she spoke of the work the Winchesters have yet to do? Will Dean immediately be lifted out of his funk now that Cass is back? Will Cass remember the Empty? Will he remember his assignment regarding Jack? Will the crew put 2 and 2 together and realize Jack’s power awoke Cass? This week showed the deft movement of the storyline from the routine to the brilliance of depth that is the newness evolving in all the major players. My review would have been half as long if it just dealt with Dr. Meadows. But this show is my favorite because it always offers so much more! What do you think? (Photos: The CW and Supernatural. All rights reserved.)


Eric YankerNatural Clemons



Hey Supernatural family! This episode took us off the main story line path with a ‘monster of the week,’ it seemed, but then it all came full circle for us. We open with a guy in Madison, Wisconsin, who sees a lady after getting home from work. The lady is his wife, and seeing her is a shock for some reason. (Those of us who watch the show know the “You’re dead” look when we see it!) Anyway, the lady moves in close and guts the poor guy with a huge knife, leaving his dead body sprawled on the floor. Sam and Dean pick up the case on line at the MOL bunker, and Sam suggests they bring nephilim Jack along because the kid could use some air.

As has been done very well so far this season, we shift to another place and pick up Castiel, who was awakened by Jack’s call last week in a room/area that is totally black. Some nice effects are used here as an entity rises from the floor??? And joins Castiel in this area???

We  then  shift back to Earth, where Sam and Dean meet the victim’s common connection, a therapist named Mia Vallers. Sam, Dean and Jack come to meet her, pretending to be brothers with some issues! Sam and Dean fight over what’s really at heart. Dean has given up and is angry! Sam is pissed that he didn’t have a closer relationship with Mary! Jack is just sitting, terrified of Dean.

Mia (Who played a psychic who was murdered by a ghost in a previous season) senses much of what might be wrong with the relationship of our two heroes. Meanwhile, Sam sneaks upstairs and discovers the shedding of a shape-shifter in the bathtub! Mia convinces the boys that though she is indeed a shifter, she is not a monster, just someone who tries to help humans deal with their grief in a time of loss. She ‘becomes’ the dead person, just to allow her patients’ to say ”goodbye.” We also find out that she has shed her old life and a relationship with a psychopathic shifter named Buddy, who loved to totally destroy people’s lives with his antics. (Which apparently include murder!) She eventually does the same for Jack, who is allowed to hold and cry in the arms of his dead mother, Kelly.

The most interesting part of this episode by far, was the performance of Misha Collins as both Cas and the self-proclaimed, “Cosmic Entity” that became him and joined him in what we learned was “The Empty.” Apparently, this is the place where angels and demons go when they really die to forever sleep. Only one problem…Cas woke up, which awoke this entity and he isn’t happy. Collin’s voice and behavioral change was so opposite his portrayal of Cass, it made the dialogue between them, riveting! The entity tries everything to convince Cas to return to sleep and bring him peace, but Cas figures out he has the upper hand and demands to be returned to Earth! “Release me!” he commands! Low and behold, at the episode’s end, we see Cas awaken in a field somewhere and enjoying the sunlight beaming against his face! Where is he? No idea! He could have been brought back to 1873! I hope it’s to the present! To think, this is where the reaper, Billie wanted to put both Sam and Dean when they died this time. “No one can come back from the empty.”  I have a feeling this isn’t the last time we’ll see it!

Back in Madison, Buddy finds Mia and becomes Dean to get the jump on everyone. Jack saves the day by flinging Buddy against a wall with his powers, redirecting a bullet intended for Sam, and allows Sam to end the evil shifter with some well aimed silver bullet gun fire! Mia proclaims she just wanted to help people, and our more mature heroes buy it!  So now, Dean is beginning to understand that some ‘choose’ to be monstrous! Buddy did, but Mia didn’t, and nephilim Jack doesn’t have to either, which is the message his mother gave him on her video. Dean is softening a bit towards Jack, thanking him for some good work that ‘saved their asses’ in Madison. Dean also apologizes to Sam for acting like a dick and urges Sam to keep the faith regarding their mother’s fate. Dean admits that Sam’s faith keeps him! I guess so!!!

Questions? Yup! Why did Jack wait until now to get so emotional about Cas and unleash the power needed to awaken him in the empty? Couldn’t he have done that when Cas was dead on the table at the house? Of course, that was just his meat suit, I guess. Will Jack be taken along on future cases? He’s a hell of a back-up to have! Can he awaken other dead characters we love? In his emotional vulnerability, can he easily be turned to ‘the dark side?’ Where is Cas? Has he changed at all sense being awakened by the power of a nephilim? Guess we’ll find out soon, as season 13 rolls on. Let me know what you think. Until next time.


Eric “YankerNatural” Clemons

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YES THEY CAN! (A recap of “Patience”)

Supernatural fans, we saw a lot of “Yes, they cans” in this episode. Among them:  1. Yes they can die! Especially if Sam and Dean care about them! We have become so accustomed to seeing people die that are in any way shape or form close to Sam and Dean, we pretty much expected somebody else we knew and loved (even after seeing Missouri Mosley only once 12 years ago!) do so…and do so horribly! 2. Yes! Jack can bring em back! We knew Jack was a powerful being. Now we’re scratching the surface because his emotions have awakened a dead Cas! 3. Yes, we knew somebody in Missouri’s family line had and would use “the gift” of psychic ability for some greater good. 4. Yes! Sam and Dean can have some intense arguments! We knew a fight would erupt concerning Jack eventually, but just not quite this fast!

So there it is! And I’m not so sure how I feel about it all. imagesI was so excited to see Loretta Devine back as “Missouri Mosley,” the psychic who helped Sam and Dean rid an evil presence from their old Lawrence, Kansas home in season one. Missouri was such a powerfully endearing character, especially the way she interacted with Dean. It was classic. We come upon her making a call to the Winchester’s for help after her protégé’ is murdered by a Wraith. But this is a special kind of monster. This guy is an addict for the brains of psychics!

So Missouri figures she and her family might be next! Sam passes the case onto their friend, Sheriff Jody Mills, and Dean is furious with that decision! Dean emphatically says he is not down with baby sitting, “The Anti-Christ” and takes off for Kansas, while Sam stays behind to begin Nephillim Jack’s “Jedi Training.”

Meanwhile, after she feels Dean’s losses (just like in season one), Missouri confirms that the murderer is a Wraith and sees visions of her son, James, dead at the hands of the creature, demanding that Dean go to Georgia and save her family, because they’re next on this monster’s list! (I guess real psychics are rare in this show! Long way to go for some heroin brains!) Dean and Jodi do as instructed, leaving Missouri to fend for her self against the monster. (She hadn’t told Dean she had visions of the monster coming for her!)  supernatural-patience-trailerWraithThe fateful scene had a strong bit of foreshadowing, with Missouri saying she saw both outcomes of this encounter leading to her death, kind of explaining to us how this “gift” works. She promised she wouldn’t scream, (a pride thing I guess) and there it was: Another friend and beloved character bites the dust!

Jack--supernatural--Meanwhile at the MOL bunker, Sam is trying to get Jack to move a pencil with his mind; a useless endeavor, because it seems that Jack can only make stuff happen when he’s in a highly emotional state. After showing Jack a video left by his dead mom, saying her son could choose “use whatever side of the force he wants”  Sam does his part trying to convince Jack that he is not necessarily of evil genetic make-up.  Jack is frustrated by the entire process, and I think Sam is wise to call off the training for now. (Why do I keep hearing Yoda? “Call off the training for now, we will! Hmmm???”)

By the time they get to Georgia, Dean has learned of Missouri’s death, and we also learn that James was estranged from his mother because she incorrectly predicted that his sick wife would “be fine.” He had believed in all of his mother’s work—until his wife’s death came up! Anyway, James’ daughter, PatienceandJamesPatience is a high school senior who is the all-American, all-world kinda girl…and she apparently has the gift too, having a prophetic dream in which she sees her grandmother, and the Wraith coming to do what he does! Low and behold, the dream comes true, and the Wraith kidnaps Patience from her home.

I really didn’t like this guy. He was smug and just a little jerk. GO ON AND KILL FOLKS ALREADY AND QUIT TALKING ABOUT IT! DAMN! He kept talking! Anyway, Patience saw 2 outcomes, as our heroes would arrive in time to save her, (thanks to a divination beads deal that James performed to locate her in, “Desperate times.”) In the first vision, Wraith goes postal and kills everybody. In the real life version, Patience is able to warn our heroes just before the Wraith can get them. Dean wins the one-on-one, and saves the day. Patience now knows she’s a psychic, but isn’t sure whether she’ll use her gift. Jody assures her that the choice is all hers, while Dean thinks she should get away and try to capture anything ‘normal’ in her life.

Showdown time when Dean gets home: The big fight occurs before I expect it! Dean is totally cynical, starting things off by asking if Jack has, “gone dark side yet.” Sam says Jack is messed up because of Dean’s messed up attitude and treatment. Dean responds saying that in essence, he hates Nephilim Jack because he reminds him of everything they’ve lost: Mary, Cas, Crowley? Dean goes further and accuses Sam of just using “this freak” to be some “inter-dimensional can opener” so they can find Mary! Sam reminds Dean that he didn’t kill his younger brother when he went “dark-side” and drank demon blood like soda!

Jack, hearing all this, thinks of Castiel, his spiritual father, and those eyes glow with power. We go dark, and then see Cas in a totally black area, awake and sit up! SO JACK DOES HAVE THE POWER TO BRING THE DEAD BACK! But where is Cas actually? I enjoyed the episode, but it was a bit of a comedown from last week. It felt a bit predictable to me, but I didn’t expect the big fight or the call from Jack to awaken Cas! I just hated the way Missouri sacrificed herself. It didn’t make sense to me. Dean and Jody headed for Georgia, but the monster stayed behind to kill Missouri! Dean and Jody could have stayed behind to fend him off and save her! But, the friends of Sam and Dean all die eventually. Are the writers trying to get us to feel like Dean feels? Perhaps that’s what I didn’t like. Once again, Dean has lost hope. Now, what’ll Sam and Jack do to resurrect it, if they can? Sounds like another emotional roller coaster, which is what I love about our favorite show. Tell me what you think…


Eric “YankerNatural” Clemons

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